The Process for Cleaning Draperies and other Fabric Window Treatments "On Site"

Pre-Inspection A very thorough pre-inspection of your window treatments, along with a written estimate.  The preinspection is your assurance of the best possible results!
The Process Known as “injection/extraction” - similar to the way a carpet cleaning machine works:  the cleaning solution is sprayed into the fabric, and immediately extracted.
Preparation Each work area is “dressed” in preparation for the cleaning by protecting all surrounding areas with polysheeting (plastic sheeting).  Onsite cleaning is not a messy process, and we like to keep it that way.
Cleaning The fabric is then cleaned using the Onsite injection/extraction equipment, that is compact and self-contained.
Spot & Stain Removal:
Three important factors to consider when dealing with spots and stains:

1. Do you know what it is?
2. Do you know how long it has been there?
3. Has anything been done to it?

Time and heat, as well as prior attempts to remove them, will often "set" stains.  The sooner we can get to a a stain, the more likely we are to have success removing it.

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