CFS Code of Ethics
As a Certified Fabricare Specialist, I agree to, and I actively promote, this Code of Ethics for all Certified Fabricare Specialists.
The use of the CFS logo demonstrates our pledge to the general public that we are providing a quality cleaning service nationwide. The certification and use of this logo is restricted to only those who have gone through extensive training at the On-Site Fabricare Institute.  Attendance every 2 years at an OFI recertification class is required to maintain the CFS status.
All Certified Fabricare Specialists agree:
To present themselves in a professional manner including, but not limited to: appearance, promptness, attitude, grooming and attire.
To be truthful, honest, show integrity, and not to deceive or use deceptive practices in dealing with all Clients.
To provide accurate information through good Client relations and consumer education.
To provide a guarantee to their Client and stand behind the work that they or any other Certified Specialist representing the company perform.
To handle any and all complaints in a timely fashion.
To stay educated and up to date in any and all changes that may occur in OnSite Fabricare-approved cleaning techniques and solutions.
To comply with any and all Federal, State and/or Local regulations (where applicable).
To maintain at least one Certified Specialist on staff at all times and that all work be performed by a Certified Specialist .
To maintain their certification through continuing education and recertification.
To use the CFS logo in such manner that maintains the professional image of the CFS brand.
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