Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Simply explained, ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses sound waves to agitate and help loosen soils.  The ultrasonic blind cleaning equipment consists of a stainless steel, two-compartment tank:  one side is for cleaning, the other side is for rinsing.

Beneath the cleaning tank are transducers, connected to a generator emitting high frequency sound waves (40,000 cycles or more per second) through the water.  The sound waves split the water molecules, creating microscopic bubbles that are actually vacuums (this is called cavitation).  The bubbles form and then collapse, and coupled with the action of the cleaning solution, loosens the soil in every part of the item being cleaned, including the head rails, cords, string ladders or tapes, etc.

The item to be cleaned is immersed in a water-based cleaning solution in the cleaning tank, then goes into the rinse tank.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Bubble - approximately 1 mm diameter

Clean Drapes & Blinds! does NOT use ultrasonic cleaning for ANY fabric window treatments.

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